About Us

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Our Mission

The goal of Montessori Children’s House is to educate the whole child, spirit, mind, and body and to facilitate a life-long love of learning; to help each child reach his or her highest potential and become a real asset to the world and their community.

Our History

Montessori Children’s House is a private school for early childhood and elementary education. In addition to the school, Montessori Children’s House offers before and after school care programs, and summer programs.

Montessori Children’s House was founded in 1979 by Rod and Jane Connell, at Elm Street Presbyterian Church Annex Building, in Alton IL. By 1988, rapid growth meant finding a new location. The school was moved to the beautiful, culturally rich campus of Lewis and Clark Community College in Godfrey, IL. and began providing school and child care programs for the students, faculty, and general public.

Since 1988 the Montessori Children’s House has continued to grow and offers two primary classes, two lower elementary classes, an upper elementary class, before and after school care programs, and summer programs.

The program offers the full range of the educational methods and materials developed by Dr. Maria Montessori, whose revolutionary and exceptional contributions to education are respected worldwide. By following and facilitating the child’s natural planes of development and interests, outstanding academic achievement as well as a deep love of learning is attained. The Montessori method is a “whole-child” approach, educating mind, soul and spirit, developing the full potential of each child, the goal being a highly functioning adult: intelligent, creative, compassionate, strongly motivated, and ready to make a positive impact on the world around them.


Montessori Children’s House is a member of the American Montessori Society and is registered with the Illinois State Board of Education. The school serves children ages 3 – eighth grade, and offers before and after school care programs, and summer programs.


Montessori Children’s House is located on the beautiful, culturally rich campus of Lewis and Clark Community College, in Godfrey IL. The college campus provides our students with a spacious playground, ponds, creeks and woods for hikes and nature study, beautiful gardens and sculptures, a dance studio, gymnasium, swimming pool, and a stage for the school’s musical performances. In addition, the college hosts art exhibitions, musical performances, poetry readings, brown bag lunches, historical reenactments, and educational presentations that enrich our students’ experience at Montessori Children’s House.

Faculty & Staff

Montessori Children’s House has a well-qualified and diverse faculty and staff, each with the educational credentials for the levels and subjects taught. The faculty and staff share a passion for learning and a dedication to their work, guided by a shared commitment to:

  • Work together for the greater good of each child.
  • Collaborate and work as a community.
  • Eagerly seek new ideas and experiences.
  • Share our learning with one another.
  • Provide a nurturing environment for children to grow and discover their place in the world.
  • Encourage independence, personal empowerment, respect for others, and pride in individual differences.